What's Available?

We offer 3 unique subscription delivery programs that bring radically traditional farm fresh and nutrient dense food from our farm directly to your door.

  • The Pasture Pack - is a bimonthly pastured meats delivery of our grass finished beef, artisan chicken and pastured pork. The 6 deliveries per year keep your freezer from overflowing and we customise each delivery to reflect the season's cooking needs, (I.E. more bbq items in summer, more roasts and hearty cuts in winter). * *SOLD OUT for 2020** Click here to inquire

  • Chicken Subscription - a bimonthly delivery of our pasture raised whole chicken. We are licensed and inspected by Chicken Farmers Ontario (CFO) as an Artisan Chicken Producer. We deliver chicken every 2 months. Each delivery includes whole chickens and chicken cuts such as breast, wings, thighs, and drumsticks. 1 year subscription. **SOLD OUT for 2020** Click here to inquire

  • CSA Veggie Delivery - a biweekly delivery of our fresh vegetables. Our veggies are grown in living soil in our no-till raised bed gardens. Tillage and chemicals are the fastest way to kill soil microbiology (soil life). Our livestock; chickens (birds), cattle (herbivores), our bee hives (pollinators) and even the wildlife around our farm play a critical role that all comes together in fostering soil health. A whole functioning ecosystem is the key to growing vegetables without chemicals and synthetic fertilisers. Deliveries run June to October. **SOLD OUT for 2020** Click here to inquire

  • Custom Orders- Looking for a one-time delivery? Use this link to contact us. We will answer questions and set up home delivery of pastured beef, pork or chicken. Click here to inquire